Hybrid charge controller IstaBreeze® i / HCC-1500 W-24V or 2000 W-48V

Hybrid charge controller IstaBreeze® i / HCC-1500 W-24V or 2000 W-48V

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The wind / solar hybrid charge controller from IstaBreeze® is an intelligent control of the wind turbine and the solar cells, which you control at the same time. You can also use the high-end device as a surveillance system. It is used to safely and efficiently charge and control your battery with the combination of wind generator / solar modules. With its discreet appearance, simple operation, with the integrated protective functions, this device has a high degree of efficiency and low no-load losses. This version of the controller will significantly increase the service life and stability of the entire system, especially the batteries. In addition, the control electronics in the control cabinet monitor the system voltage and brake the wind turbine when a max. Overvoltage. Use of external and high quality (Triacs & Hyper, Mosfet), solid-state components. Increasing the service life of the controller. Microprocessor Controlled charging with integrated voltage and current limitation.

  • Electromagnetic brake control.
  • Integrated 3-phase short-circuit switches (brake switch)
  • Protection against lightning strikes.
  • Protection against overcharge, deep discharge, short circuit, overload and against wrong polarity.
  • Integrated display.
  • Dump load


How To Guide 1500-24V


How To Guide 2000-48V