Information about IstaBreeze® small wind turbines

IstaBreeze® wind generators are wind turbines developed for private use in inland locations and wind-strong regions. The through our Wind generators Wind energy gained is used for battery charging of gel batteries with 12V, 24V or 48 V battery voltage. Small wind turbines must be adapted to environmental influences and customer requirements so that we can guarantee the optimal operation of our wind generators with our different models. In order to achieve satisfactory results, you should decide when choosing whether a wind generator will appeal to weaker wind areas on average or more for strong wind areas such as in coastal regions.


If you are a skilled hobbyist, you can of course build your own wind turbine. IstaBreeze® offers a wide range of repeller blades here in the shop such as carbon repeller blades with a diameter of 1,1m or plastic repeller blades consisting of 30% glass fiber with a diameter of 2,25m or hand-laminated repeller blades from our helicopter series with a diameter of 3,0m. Due to the aerodynamic design of our repellers, they start running at wind speeds of 3 m / s. Our new IstaBreeze repeller blades also have adapted repeller blades which, thanks to their innovative shape and imprint, guarantee particularly noiseless operation.



Wind energy has to pay off!

We see it the same way and for this reason it is important to us that you do not spend several years Wind Turbines must operate before you actually become profitable. 

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