Information about IstaBreeze® is in the windmill

IstaBreeze® wind generator is the wind mill that he designs for private drift in the land bike and the bike with powerful wind. Vindenergies, the genereres af vores wind generator , can be used to charge gel batteries with 12V, 24V or 48V batteries. Small wind turbines It is important to have a good knowledge and knowledge, so that you can achieve optimal drift on the wind generator with the foreseen model. For the best still results, for a day of stilling, only the wind generator is used to produce a strong wind generator or a strong wind generator.

If you are a hobbyist, you can also do it yourself. IstaBreeze® tilbyder and bred vifte af repeller blade her in boutique, Såsom carbon repeller blade with a diameter of 1,1m or plastic repeller blade made of 30% glass fiber with a diameter of 2,25m or handheld repeller blade from the Heli series 3,0m diameter. The speed of the vores repellers aerodynamic design starter de ved vindhastigheder på 3 m/s. The new IstaBreeze repeller blade also has a tilpassede repeller blade, so it guarantees a safe drift that has an innovative shape and design.

Vindenergi should be profitable!

You're all tired, and you'll have to drive again windmills I want to know that the rent is actually profitable.

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