IstaBreeze 3 Wire Slip Ring 300RPM 15A 240V 22mm Wind Generator
IstaBreeze 3 Wire Slip Ring 300RPM 15A 240V 22mm Wind Generator

IstaBreeze 3 Wire Slip Ring 300RPM 15A 240V 22mm Wind Generator

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general description

The capsule slip ring is characterized by the main feature of compact design, which can provide signal/power combination circuits (Ethernet, USB, RS, Canbus, video, sensor, power supply, control, etc.).

The diameter of this series can range from 8mm to 35mm. Besides, advanced military-grade standard surface processing technology is used to meet each customer's requirements. Gold-to-gold contact materials can provide low electrical noise and longer service life, especially for small and medium-sized devices for transmitting weak signals.



1. Gold-gold contact materials guarantee long service life  

2. Low torque, low electrical noise and smooth rotation  

3. Small compact design  

4. Compatible with data bus protocols  

5. Continuous transmission of signals and/or data under unhindered 360 degree rotation  



1. Circuits  

2. Current & Voltage  

3. Working speed  

4. Case material and color  

5. Level of protection  

6. Connection cable exit direction  

7. Plug Type  

8. Signal and power transmission individually or together  




2. Rotating, exhibition/display device

3. Robotics  

4. Medical equipment  

5. Wind turbine generator  

6. Industrial Process Equipment  



Circuits3 circuits

Working speed

0-300 rpm

Working temperature

-20℃ - +60℃

Working humidity

60% RH or higher

Voltage value


Current rating


Dielectric strength

500 VAC at 50 Hz between each circuit

insulation resistance

1000MΩ at 500VDC

Electrical noise

≤ 10 mΩ

Contact materials

precious metals

Lead wire size

AWG14-16 Teflon® UL

Lead length

Default 250mm

housing materials

Technical plastic


IP54 or higher